How are waterbeds for back pain?

Whether a chronic back problem, or just a daily nagging ache, back pain is responsible for roughly 700,000 Britains missing work each day. The solution to this common problem is often simply a matter of posture.

We spend a third of our lives in bed, during which time we are at the mercy of our mattress as to the position we are lying in. A regular mattress is flat and firm, putting uneven pressure on our hips and upper back - leaving the small of our back unsupported. A waterbed moulds to the shape of our body and offers each area of our back equal support and pressure. This flattens our spine and basically imitates the posture we hold when we are standing, taking strain away from the vertebrae and allowing our body to relax completely.

During our sleep we constantly toss and turn (40 to 60 times a night), an action initiated by our body in order to find more comfortable sleeping positions and relieve pressure on areas of our body. A waterbed provides excellent support for the entire body and equal pressure on all areas, meaning less of a need to change position during the night and therefore a prolonged period of deep sleep.

Another benefit for backache is the therapeutic affects of heat. Heated waterbeds provide soothing warmth for aching muscles and bones, whilst increasing circulation and speeding the healing process.

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