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Health Benefits of a Waterbeds.

Waterbeds are proven to help you sleep; they reduce back problems, help asthma sufferers and have many benefits that are good for your health.

Many conditions - including that of perfect health - will derive benefit from a waterbed, as elements of the medical profession have long acknowledged. A waterbed itself is not a cure for the conditions mentioned but it can provide relief and improve the overall situation thus encouraging the body to heal itself.

Backaches are one condition where this has often proved to be the case, as the argument for a hard bed being ideal for a bad back is losing ground. People with varying severities of backache are finding that a bed which supports your back where the pain exists - such as a waterbed - can be far more beneficial as the diagram demonstrates:-

Conventional Mattress = Back aches

Waterbed gives total back support

conventional mattress is bad for your back

waterbeds properly support your back

Arthritis sufferers are amongst the people most benefited by a waterbed. All over support reduces the pressure on the major areas of arthritic inflammation. The warmth improves the bloods' circulation and can reduce the localised pain.

Allergenics and asthmatics find that the vinyl surface of the mattress means that no dust, skin particles or bed mites should be present if the mattress is simply wiped over with a damp cloth, so providing a far healthier environment to sleep in. All waterbeds sold by us have a removable, washable top. Underneath this is the vinyl water mattress, which can also be cleaned. A porous spring mattress, which is used in ordinary beds, is an ideal breeding space for dust mites which feed on hair and tiny flakes of skin. It is the dust mite excreta that most asthmatics are allergic to, and replacing the spring mattress with a water mattress, which dust mites cannot breed in, provides relief to most people with breathing problems. is the site for the European Federation of Asthma and Allergy Associations. 

Waterbed FAQ

Waterbed FAQ

Lets get the most commonly asked questions about waterbeds out of the way! Seasickness? - No Reinforced floors? - No Supportive for Backs? - Yes Temperature controls? - Yes

Waterbed v traditional bed

broken Bed

Why a waterbed is better than a traditional mattress?

Say NO to Dust Mites

No Dustmites in waterbeds

Waterbeds can be cleaned and washed so NO dust mites.